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Synopsis of Blue Period Manga

Second-year high school student Yatora Yaguchi is a delinquent with excellent grades, but is unmotivated to find his true calling in life. Yatora spends his days working hard to maintain his academic standing while hanging out with his equally unambitious friends. However, beneath his carefree demeanor, Yatora does not enjoy either activity and wishes he could find something more fulfilling.

While mulling over his predicament, Yatora finds himself staring at a vibrant landscape of Shibuya. Unable to express how he feels about the unusually breathtaking sight, he picks up a paintbrush, hoping his thoughts will be conveyed on canvas. After receiving praise for his work, the joy he feels sends him on a journey to enter the extremely competitive Tokyo University of the Arts—a school that only accepts one in every two hundred applicants.

Facing talented peers, a lack of understanding of the fine arts, and struggles to obtain his parents’ approval, Yatora is confronted by much adversity. In the hopes of securing one of the five prestigious spots in his program of choice, Yatora must show that his inexperience does not define him.

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Blue Period Manga Review

I want to start by saying that you don’t have to be interested in Art to enjoy Blue Period. (I am just going to lay out my feelings and thoughts and not make a technical review talking about animation or sound etc)

I draw as a hobby so I was instantly interested in anime. But the story and the characters are interesting enough to grab your attention even if you are not interested in art at all. Perhaps like the MC, you will discover a hidden passion for art. It is still pretty early to talk about character development and all that but most characters seem to have a fair amount of depth and unique personalities. all characters are likable (IMO) and have good chemistry. I related to everything the MC thought and experienced so I might be a bit biased, but I can’t imagine someone thinking this anime is a waste of time after watching it, so I think you should give it a chance.

If you liked the first episodes I strongly advise that you check out the manga because the anime lacks in comparison, I only started reading the manga after the first 4 episodes of the anime, but it feels like it’s a different experience.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9


Is Blue Period manga finished?

No, the Blue Period manga is not finished yet. As of today, the manga has 66 chapters published and collected in 15 tankōbon volumes. However, the manga is currently on hiatus until Spring 2024.

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